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Saturday, November 19th, 2011 02:00 pm
Been playing my hunter in WoW lately... Specifically, I've been Rare Hunting (i.e. tracking down some of the more exotic-looking animals, and taming them as pets).

Avi's adventures in Rare Hunting )

In other news... Dear whoever owns the farm field directly behind my house,

Please do something about the corn husks still in your field. Every few days or so, the wind picks them up and blows them all over our front yard, half-burying part of my rose garden in corn husks. Trying to pick up and untangle corn husks from thorny bushes = NOT FUN.

Normally I don't mind living behind a farm field, but this is getting irritating. (I wonder if we're getting karma for being the only house on our block without trees on our front yard...) Thank goodness for crop rotation, is all I can say; at least I know corn won't be planted there next year. :P
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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 11:55 am
So... I ended up saving a bird yesterday.

Let me explain... We tend to have a lot of birds in our backyard, since we have farm fields behind our yard (we even have birds nesting in our barbecue, right now XP). And beside our house, there is a 5-foot deep pit that connects to a large window in our basement.

tl;dr about my good deed of the day )

So, to make a long story short, I saved a bird. ;P (Mind you, this isn't the first time I've saved an animal from that pit,* nor the first time I saved a bird trapped in my house.** True story.)

* Once, while mowing the lawn, the SO scared some baby bunnies into our pit, as well as the neighbour's; being the soft touch that I am, I carefully scooped them all into a box, and released them into the field behind our house.

** Back at my parent's house, a bird ended up in our dryer once; seriously, it flew up into the dryer vent from outside. After it being stuck in there all day, we finally thought of unhooking the connecting hose so it could fly out; once it did, I opened the door to the garage, then opened the garage door to let it outside (fortunately, our laundry room had a door to the garage).
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Thursday, March 25th, 2010 10:28 am
I'm afraid that I haven't felt very inspired to write lately. (It doesn't help that all my writing stuff is on my main computer, whose power source is dying; I can't even get my stuff off it now, it's so unstable. :/) Hopefully we can get the power supply replaced soon...

Anyways... Remember how I mentioned how I'm taking care of a friend's cat? Well, now I'm taking care of both her cats, which bumps the kitties in the house to three. Now, I love kitties, but three is a bit much (when the cats in the house outnumber the amount of people, I think it can get a bit iffy ;P).

A tale of three kitties )

In other news, I finished playing Ace Attorney Investigations, which was quite enjoyable (yay Edgeworth!). I kind of want to make a few icons from the game now... I also want to start on Soul Silver next, since that all that my Friends list talks about ;P (besides, Pokemon Gold was one of my all-time favourite Pokemon games ever!).

Oh, I also got new glasses recently. The lenses feel a lot lighter than my last pair, and have steel-rimmed frames with metallic-blue "wingtips"; they look much better than I thought they would at the store (which is good, since I'm blind without my glasses ;).
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Monday, August 24th, 2009 04:46 pm
Sorry I haven't been around... I just can't seem to write or draw lately; I seem to be creatively blocked. :/ Ah, well... I'm sure I'll get over it, soon enough.

In other news, I did go on a trip to Wisconsin Dells this weekend, with a couple of friends. :) All in all, it was a really fun trip; we went to a huge waterpark, took in a magic show and an "adult" hypnotist show (which was... really adult), and did a couple of cool, interactive magic-themed games (the first one was fun; the second, not so much, although we got to keep the electronic wands ;). I may go into more detail later...

The only real downside was that my friend got sunburned at the water park, and my feet hurt like hell (uncomfortable platform slippers at the water park are a bad idea >.<).

Unfortunately, we got some more bad news when we got home yesterday; looks like my SO's WoW account got hacked. >.< We only have one comp with virus protection at the moment (which I'm using right now), but I can't seem to check my Battle.net account on it, so I'll have to wait until the other comps are clean so I can check. :/ (I did check my e-mail, which didn't show any changes to my WoW account, so hopefully it's okay...)

Figures we get hacked right when we go on vacation XP (although BlizzCon was this weekend; not sure if that had anything to do with it...)

Anyways, I really just wanted to let you guys know I'm still around. :) We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friends list...
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Friday, April 18th, 2008 09:56 am
So I was awake far too early this morning, messing around on the comp, when the computer starts shuddering... I mean, really shaking, like all the parts inside were getting jostled about.

Now, I live close to both railroad tracks and an airport, and I thought either of those might be the cause of the shaking (though in my experience, neither have ever caused what I felt before). So, I go back to bed, perhaps a tad freaked out.

Well, it turns out we had an earthquake. O_o Didn't think you got those around here, but shows you what I know. ;P And everything seems to be okay; I'm just relieved to know what that actually was...
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Friday, June 24th, 2005 04:50 am
Well, Ivy is home for the moment... Thank you all for your concern. ^_^ He's not completely well yet; he has use of three of his legs so far, but not all four (not for want of trying, poor little guy). We'll just have to wait and see what happens...

In other news, I'll be effectively out of the way for the next five days or so; have a relative visiting till Tuesday, so will be busy entertaining. It does mean I get a belated birthday present, though. ^_~ (And as much I'd want a book or a manga as a gift, I always feel weird about sharing my oddly-regarded tastes with family... So, I think maybe some new clothes will have to do; I need a new outfit, anyways. ^_^;)

As for my birthday... Despite the kitty scare, I did get a box full of European souvenirs from my parents (mostly cool Russian stuff); plus, my sweetie didn't forget my birthday, like I feared. ^_^;

Also, since I'll be busy this weekend, I don't think I'll be able to work on "Double-edged Sword" till next week. :/ I really want to, too... (Although young Joshua and Leon are working their way into the story a little too much for my taste; I really need to keep the focus on Carlyle and Ismea, dang it!)

That's all for now... Off to bed, for me. (Posting mostly cause I can't sleep. 0_o)

EDIT: BTW, I keep getting Star Wars flashes when writing for "Double-edged Sword", what with the master and student dynamic between Carlyle and Joshua, and Carlyle being seduced to the Dark Side, so to speak. 0_o "There is no serenity, only passion." Yeesh...
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 10:26 am
My Trogdor hoodie came in the mail yesterday! XD (Along with a lot more X-mas cards and gifts... Now, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. ^_~)

My sweetie ordered a whole bunch of stuff off of Homestarrunner.com for Christmas, including (among other things) said hoodie, a couple of t-shirts for some friends (who incidently, introduced us to the site ^_^) and for himself, a Trogdor polo shirt, which I find pretty dang cool (it looks like one of those Gator shirts, unless you take close look at the tiny logo XD). And since his order was over $100, we also get some Homestarrunner figures to put on the computer desk, plus a CD of Strongbad's greatest hits...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my man? :3
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Thursday, October 14th, 2004 12:02 pm
I just got the oddest (if politely worded) request in my e-mail this morning... Someone was asking to use "Sain's Guide to Dating"... For a play. 0_o

I've been e-mailed many strange requests over the years, but that's got to be the weirdest... The person did say it was nothing formal, but I'm still going to question him about it, before I say yes...

Oh, and assuming anyone cares where I've been (no, I haven't been neglecting this journal! :P), I was in 'Vegas for the past few days... Yes, Las Vegas. ^_~ And we all know everything that happens in 'Vegas, stays in 'Vegas...

Seriously though, I didn't really do all that much there... Played some Blackjack, did the Star Trek Experience (my sweetie's a fan), rode some mediocre virtual rides, went to the all-male revue (which was pretty much a male strip show; so sue me, I like looking at beefcake :P), which was amusingly called the "Thunder from Down Under" (they were all supposedly from Australia... And straight ^_~).

(You know what's unfair? For all the licentious shows in Las Vegas, there were only two all-male revues in town; the one I went to, and Chippendales. Stupid double standard... :/)

On the story front... Planning to work on some shonen-ai Kent/Sain stories soon; the previously-mentioned one, and one that takes place post-game, tentatively called "The Steward and the Freelancer". I might also put up the outline for a never-will-be-written "Sorcerer Hunters" 'fic that I've been considering for some time now... ("Never-will-be-written", because it's a humourous Tira/Marron lemon, and I can't write those without blushing... ^_^;)

Unfortunately, it might take me a while to get around to writing these, because I'm still playing Fire Emblem 8... (I've finally gotten to the last chapter, yay! ^_^)