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Saturday, November 19th, 2011 02:00 pm
Been playing my hunter in WoW lately... Specifically, I've been Rare Hunting (i.e. tracking down some of the more exotic-looking animals, and taming them as pets).

It all started about a week ago, when I managed to snag Arturis, a ghostly blue bear from Grizzly Hills; I got him after about a day of checking for him (which was way shorter than I expected).

That just wet my appetite for more... When I realized I could tame a ghost cat before lvl 85, I just had to have that one too! So a couple of days ago, my lvl 82 hunter headed to Zul'drak in search of the purple spectral kitty, Gondria. After about a day (and killing 2 other rare spawns) I found said kitty; but I got so excited, I aggroed a random other cat. ;P Fortunately, I managed to complete the tame; but my new pet decided to "help out" by trying to claw out the eyes of the cat that was attacking me, heh.

Having completed that hunt, I headed off to Storm Peaks in search of the blue storm wolf, Skoll. I've had no luck in finding him thus far... But luck was with me that day, because I managed to find him after checking every hour or so. (Two super rares in one day, who'd have thunk it?)

And those were only the spirit beasts; I've been taming a lot of other pets I've always wanted, as well: I managed to snag a blue dragonhawk from Sunwell (a bunch of elves killed me, but it was worth it!), a rare purple chimera from Netherstorm (on the same day I got both Gondria and Skoll, heh), and a saddled wolf from Hellfire Ramparts (damn orcs kept interrupting my tame, grrr).

I may try for elusive trio of animals in Sholozar next, but I figure they'll be camped out all the time... Still, I'd love to get my hands on Loque'nahak, the white spirit leopard, and Aotona, the purple-blue parrot. Then there's all those other wonderful rare beasts I can only tame at 85... I can't wait! (Although, they'll be camped out as well... I guess I can wait a bit longer. ;P) I guess I can settle for getting a turquoise beetle and a purple shale spider at 83...

In other news... Dear whoever owns the farm field directly behind my house,

Please do something about the corn husks still in your field. Every few days or so, the wind picks them up and blows them all over our front yard, half-burying part of my rose garden in corn husks. Trying to pick up and untangle corn husks from thorny bushes = NOT FUN.

Normally I don't mind living behind a farm field, but this is getting irritating. (I wonder if we're getting karma for being the only house on our block without trees on our front yard...) Thank goodness for crop rotation, is all I can say; at least I know corn won't be planted there next year. :P


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