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aviatrix: (positive)
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 12:02 am
You're probably sick of me mentioning this, but I seriously <3 this game; not just for the gameplay, but for the amusing in-jokes interspersed throughout it. (For example, I saw someone equipped with Egan's Blaster, once; Ghostbusters reference, anyone?)

But my favourite in-joke so far is from a quest I unfortunately haven't started on yet, but have heard a lot about: In Un'goro Crater, there is a gnome dressed in green named Linken, who mysteriously washed up there on a raft. If you find the the raft and go through the entire chain of quests, you eventually end up with the quest rewards of Linken's Sword of Mastery and Linken's Boomerang. XD I absolutely must do this quest now...

(Oh, and in the camp that Linken is in, there is also a creature called Dadanga who hates smoke. Apparently, that is a related reference, but I'm not familiar with it...)
aviatrix: (Default)
Friday, March 11th, 2005 12:32 am
*drools over latest trailer for GC Zelda*

Well... Not exactly drool. The words I actually want to use are inappropriate for polite company, I think. *^_^*

Ah, Link... The reason why I have a thing for playing ranger-type characters in RPGs (i.e. the forester-types who like to wield bows and swords ;)P.

Damn you GameCube... Damn you for having so many games I want to play (i.e. GC Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia etc.), not to mention being the one game system that my sweetie vowed he'd never buy... -_-;

Oh, well. Maybe one of these days I'll finally cave in and buy a used one myself. ^_~

*goes off to search for a certain official LoZ GC wallpaper that she can't seem to find*
aviatrix: (Default)
Friday, November 12th, 2004 11:45 am
Geez, my journal is living up to its title lately... -_-; I feel bad about it, but it's because that I'm feeling uninspired as of late, and I can only write consistantly when I'm feeling inspired. Sigh...

Anyways, I've been gaming in my spare time. ^_~ Finished the Tower in FE8 three times now; just need to stock up on weapons, then I'm heading over to the Ruins. (5 out of 10 secret characters currently unlocked, yay!) I've also got nearly everyone promoted; the only exceptions are all my healers. -_-; (Rachael is only at level 11 or so, darn it...) And I am so glad to hear this game is going to be released in the US sometime in the spring! ^_^

Oh, BTW... Legend of Zelda is devouring my soul. It truly is. 0_o

I've been spending the last three nights playing Minish Cap until it's obscenely late; I haven't enjoyed a Zelda game this much since Link to the Past... And I loved that game. (Just so you know, I've only played the handheld releases, as well as a tiny bit of Ocarina of Time.)

It seems easier overall than Link to the Past, though... (Even though it still took me a while to figure a couple of things out. ^_^;) And I love all the cameos from the previous games too, such as Din's design from the GBC game; it's a nice touch. ^_^ (Although... The flippers are just called Flippers this time around, rather than Zora's Flippers; plus, I haven't seen any Zoras yet. There are always Zoras around in Zelda games, dang it!)

Er, don't mind me being a fangirl dork. ^_^; Anyhoo, I'm just betting they advertise this in the US as "Link's smallest adventure yet"... ;)P (Link shrinking to the size of a grain of rice is way too cool for words!)