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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 02:52 pm
Ugh, that was painful... But in a good way. I haven't been that emotionally involved in a game in a long time...

So yeah, got to the part of my class quest that I had been both dreading and looking forward to. (Ran into a spoiler so I was expecting it; didn't make it suck any less though.) Was half expecting myself to yell out a Vader-esque NOOOOOOOO after it happened, but it just left me emotionally drained.

So my beloved Malavai, to whom I am married to in game... Betrays me, and tries to kill my warrior. DX And not only does he betray you, but he taunts whichever other companion you have with you, and it's not pretty.

Now, I wasn't completely surprised when I came across this spoiler. (Quinn really was a mole, haha.) Out of all your crew members, he is the most likely to betray you (although I must admit, if I didn't know who the traitor was, I'd probably assume it was the Jedi girl). He owes his career to your former master, Darth Baras, which is stated right when you first meet him, so I can somewhat understand his motivations...

Still, that doesn't excuse his utterly smug confidence in believing that he will defeat your warrior. (Not to mention that it's not a difficult fight; but to be fair, I find most of the Warrior ones not be be.) However, I am willing to believe Quinn's smug attitude is due to Darth Baras manipulating him (just as Palpatine did to Anakin just before he turned into Vader). Darth Baras has been portrayed as the master manipulator throughout the Warrior's whole career, so it's not hard to believe that he can influence others from afar (like how other Sith can force choke through holos in game).

Now, in the beta, you had the choice of killing Quinn for his betrayal. (They took this option out because when many Sith Warriors did kill him, they then bitched about it because they lost their only healer.) Being Light side, I wouldn't have killed Quinn anyways (and he is an awesome healer ;P). But I did pick the convo option saying that things would be weird between us for a while. (You can also choose to flirt with him, but that just seemed wrong, considering that he just tried to kill you!) This was probably also the only time I chose to actually see what Dark side choice looked like; you may not kill Quinn, but you do smack him around with the force... Hard. *wince*

And that's pretty much the end of it, I'm afraid; you just vow to not mention the betrayal to the rest of crew. I do hope it will come up in later content, though; having gone through the whole romance with Quinn and having this happen brings into question whether he really loved your warrior in the first place (or does he even realize what that actually means? :/)

Of course, right after this happened, I did one of Vette's companion quests, which was another emotional kicker. Gah. (I love you Bioware, but you do like to toy with my heart...)