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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 09:18 am
I'm bored and haven't updated in a while, so I decided to post a few thoughts on random cartoons. As you might've noticed, I have a soft spot for all animation, whether it be anime, CGI, or just cartoons in general... (Be forewarned, I do get rather ranty in these.)

( Rivalries in Pokemon Black & White )

So I was watching one of the recent Pokemon episodes where there's a tournament and all of the rivals for each main character show up (Trip for Ash, Burgundy for Cilan, Georgia for Iris) and I must say... They're all jerks. :/

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind flawed characters, but the same type times three? It's a bit much for me. :P At least Trip isn't as bad as Paul, but with Burgundy actively cheering for Cilan to lose, and Georgia and Iris pretty much being jerks to each other, a lot of those tournament episodes were unwatchable for me.

Now, I don't ask that all the rivals to be like Nice Guy Ritchie, but even Gary had likable qualities... (And yes, I'm totally bitter about Cheren not showing up in the anime so far, even though he's not the stereotypical megane-type I prefer. ;P)

( Women in G.I. Joes: Renegades )

I admit it, I have a weakness for the old G.I. Joe cartoon... Partly because it featured a few kick-butt women. Granted, sometimes they needed to be saved by the men, but they could still hold their own in battle, and even got to snark back at the guys every now and then.

Now, in the old cartoon, Scarlett was a martial arts expert. In Renegades, she's military intelligence (ha)... And a paranoid conspiracy theorist. (Granted, she's right about Cobra, but most of her team roll their eyes about her personal distaste for them.)

And for someone who's supposed to be "military intel", she'll do stupid things, like shoot down an antenna that everyone knows will bring the guards. At least her old counterpart was competent in battle; new Scarlett always seems to need saving by SnakeEyes. (Actually, all the Joes need to be saved by SnakeEyes constantly, which shows you how overpowered the token ninja is in the cartoon.)

And it's not just her, either... Lady Jaye (who they made the token latino, argh) only seems to exist to help the Joes behind Flint's back (why is Flint an jerk? double argh), and Jinx (who is a terrible ninja in this) has an unhealthy obsession with SnakeEyes... The only female character who seems remotely competent in battle and in general is Baroness, and she's a villain.

BTW, I have a similar problem with the new Thundercats cartoon: in the 80's version, Cheetara was part of the team and just happened to be a woman; in the new cartoon, she's the girl who Lion-o and Tygra fight over, which bugs me to no end (probably because they shoehorned a stereotypical female role onto her, that wasn't there in the original :/) .

Oh well, at least Renegades has Tomax and Xamot (even if they did seem to lose their acrobatic fighting capabilities, heh).

( My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic )

I have to admit it, I watched the new MLP to see what the fuss was a all about. Of course, the first episode I watched had ponies having slumber parties and makeovers, which was enough to make me want to change the channel after 30 seconds. ;P

But I gave it a second chance, and I must say, it is a refreshing change to see female cartoon characters who are female AND characters. (My favourite ponies? Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy. ;D) Oh, and Twilight Sparkle reminds me a bit of FE8's Lute...