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Monday, June 18th, 2012 05:32 pm
This is what happens when you play too much Arkham City and have a thing for nerdy characters in general... (It's inspired by the idea that the only thing worse than dealing with an Insufferable Genius, is dealing with a bored one.)

This is pretty short and silly, like most of the stuff I write. (It also has a pair of OCs in it, but I do have an explanation for that...)


In an old abandoned library on the bad side of Gotham, the Riddler lay brooding. It was one of those slow periods in between capers for him, so he and his current pair of cohorts were currently holed up in this place, until he could come up with a brilliant new scheme to foil Batman with.

No ingenious ideas were forthcoming however, which left Riddler in an irritable state of mind. He was currently seated in a mouldering old armchair, with his trademark question mark cane held out neatly before him, end firmly set in the ground. Occasionally, he would slump back in his seat and twirl his cane in a deliberate fashion, but this did not help speed up his thought processes in any way, much to his own annoyance.

And so, Riddler found his gaze moving idly across the room, past the shelves of decaying books, and finally alighting upon his current pair of minions, one after the other. They were both seated at tables on opposite sides of the room: the first, a blonde, was reading a detective novel (a brand-new one, thought Riddler, judging by the cover's condition), while the other, a brunette, was looking at today's newspaper; by the pencil in her hand, Riddler assumed that she was filling in the crossword puzzle. He closed his eyes, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, across the room, Miss Terri tucked a stray blonde hair behind her ear, and pushed her glasses up her nose, quite absorbed in reading her novel. (She didn't actually need glasses to read, but Riddler insisted on both her and Miss Norma wearing them, claiming that they'd be underestimated because of it.)

As mere hired guns, neither of them were really ones to question orders... Still, Miss Terri personally wondered if Riddler might be taking the "you wouldn't hit a person with glasses" cliche too seriously... Either that, or perhaps her employer just had a thing for the nerdy-looking girls; he certainly seemed like the type...


Startled, Miss Terri looked up from her book, to find Riddler staring directly at her.

"Er... Yes, sir?" she replied, hoping that he couldn't read minds.

Riddler met her gaze. "Your book..." he said aloud. "The detective did it."

It took a few moments for his words to sink in, but when they did, Miss Terri's eyes widened.

"No way!" She stood up from her seat, as she clutched the book to her chest. "I just bought this book! And it was just released a day ago! How could you possibly know how it ends?"

Riddler pointed his cane at her sharply. Miss Terri was taken aback, until she realized that he was actually pointing the cane at her book's cover.

"I just extrapolated the ending from the description on the back of your book," Riddler replied airily.

As Miss Terri's jaw dropped, Miss Norma strolled over and plucked the book from the other woman's nerveless fingers. She then opened it up to the back of the book, and flicked back a few pages.

"Huh. Looks like he's right," mused Miss Norma. "The detective did do it."

Miss Terri turned to glare at Riddler. "That's the fifth new novel you've ruined for me this month!" she stormed. "Those books aren't cheap, you know!"

Riddler merely sniffed. "Well, it's not my fault that no one can write an original ending."

"Well, it doesn't help that you spoil the ending of every book I read," muttered Miss Terri under her breath. They were hiding out in a library, for Christ's sakes, and she still had to buy new books to read, thanks to him...

Meanwhile, Miss Norma had returned to her own seat, only to realize something was amiss.

"Hey, where did my crossword puzzle go?" she exclaimed, as she shuffled through her papers. "I swear I just left it on this desk..."

A suspicious look crossed her face. Miss Norma then whirled around, only to find that Riddler was already working on her puzzle. She quickly ran over to try and snatch it away from him.

"Aw, come on! I was halfway through, and now you've almost finished it!"

"I did you a favour. It was trivial."

"Trivial, my ass! That's what you said about my Sudoku book!"

As the voices swelled up around her, Miss Terri found herself resisting the urge to reach for her guns. The Riddler had better come up with new scheme soon, or she and Miss Norma might end up shooting their employer, and save Batman the trouble of capturing them all...


I do know Riddler already has a pair of female goons (Query and Echo), but I couldn't resist the horrible name puns... (Miss Terri = mystery, Miss Norma = misnomer) I could argue that he just gave them new pseudonyms, heh.

And here's the badly coloured sketch that inspired the piece:

(Excuse the bad colouring job; it's mostly a colour test, and it was easier for me to paste the images together, when coloured.)

Redesign heavily inspired by Riddler's Arkham City design (down to the similar pose, except he's facing forward). I used a lot of reversed and inverted question marks for symmetry; his glasses are also supposed to be rotated question marks, but it's very difficult to see it. :P Also, I would not normally draw his hair that way, but his hat was covering most of it, and I wanted his hair to show, so...

I threw in the pair of chicks because I like the idea of Riddler having minions that looked like sexy secretaries/librarians, but were actually hired guns. (And it's totally not because I have a thing for Megane-types... ;P) Little did I realize that Riddler already had a pair of female goons, who are blonde and brunette to boot!

The overall design was also heavily inspired by Iori, Mature and Vice's original costumes from King of Fighters (Riddler's untucked shirt tails, for example).