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Thursday, March 15th, 2012 05:18 pm
Yep, still obsessing over SWTOR. I need to find a blog on it or something...

Anyways, started playing Republic side for a change of pace, and the first character I decided to try is a Smuggler Cyborg named Jehanna. (Yes, she's named after the country in FE8. Her character is very much like Joshua's however, since that's who my smuggler was originally going to be named after.)

Anyways, I love everything about my smuggler. I love that I could obsess over my ship at the beginning of her storyline... I love that she tosses a coin and shoots it to regen health, that she twirls her guns when buffing people, that she gets to be snarky as hell... The only thing I don't like, ironically, is the gameplay itself. ;P The cover mechanic can be buggy at times, and I'm horrible at kiting stuff when things go bad. She's gotten better as I've gone up in level, but yeah... Not my favourite class in terms of gameplay.

I pretty much like all of my Smuggler companions as well. Corso's a good ol' farm boy - someone who you could toss back a beer at a bar with (which I'd never do, but my smuggler would ;). I'm especially partial to his "Now you're dumb, ugly AND dead!" emote. XD His obsession with naming his weapons is fun as well (your first rival even makes a hysterical comment on it later on). Corso's also the female romantic interest, and is very sweet and surprisingly gentlemanly about it. My pick for second best romance, so far.

As for the rest of the crew... Both of the women are pretty badass, in their own way. Risha is crafty and intelligent, and Akavi is just straight-up badass (she is a Mandalorian, though, and her ideals might clash with your own if you're Light side). Bowdaar is... A wookie, and unfortunately I can't really comment more on him. Guss is a Mon Calamari and is somewhat cowardly, but I've only just gotten him, so I reserve the right to judge.

As for how the companions play, I find that unlike some of the classes I've played so far, I can pretty much switch them out without any real problems. I've stuck with Corso so far (I like sticking with the love interest as my levelling partner ;P); he was a mediocre tank at the beginning, but suddenly got better again. I've also used Bowdaar as my tank for a while (what's a smuggler without a wookie?) but he had a nasty habit of knocking back guys I was fighting into another pack of guys, which never ended well... Akavi is excellent at plowing through regular level mobs, though not against anything stronger. I haven't tried Risha yet (I am a ranged class, after all) or Guss, though a healer is always good to have.

I will also say that as a female Smuggler, you get a lot more decent flirt options. (I got about a grand total of two on the Empire side; one was old and the other was fat. XP) Unfortunately, I got my first one on Alderaan JUST as I began my romance with Corso, so I couldn't go through with it; I can't even cheat in a virtual game, sigh... (Mind you, I let the one night stand play out just so I could see it, then pulled out at the last second. I didn't feel too bad about it though; the noble was cute, but shallow.) I would've liked to see how the one with the Twi'lek on Balmorra turned out though, but Corso was glaring disapprovingly at me the whole time, heh.

As for my next Republic character... I liked playing my Sith Warrior so much, I decided to make a Jedi Knight my next one to level; my Knight is a blue Twi'lek named Jadaar. (Named after the draenei from WoW, but female instead of male.)

I had heard the that Jedi Knight storyline was one of the best in-game, though I haven't been overly impressed so far... (Mind you, the Sith Warrior one took a while to get going too, and the end of the Jedi Knight one promises to be epic.) I did like all the parts involving my padawan though, that was interesting. So far, I find that I'm having the reverse reaction that I did with the Smuggler; love playing the class, blah on everything else.

As for the companions... I've only gotten three so far. T7 is an astrodroid (read: an R2 unit) and is a sweetheart, as well as a decent tank (which is funny, actually); Kira is your padawan, and very un-Jedi-like (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, although she sometimes gets on my nerves). She's an excellent DPS though (her, Akavi and Torian are all the similar shadow/assassin class which I like in general).

The third companion is your healer, Doc (yes, just Doc), and the female love interest. I'm on the fence about him... He's a womanizer and a glory hound, neither of which appeal to me. (And getting him right after playing a Smuggler, where your first rival is a womanizing scumbag... Yeah, not a flattering comparison.) Sure, he looks like Bruce Campbell, but that moustache...

I actually checked his romance online, which I normally wouldn't do, but if I was going to get Dark side points for it... (Yes, you DO get Dark side points if you start a romance as a Jedi.) To be honest, I'm not sure he's worth Dark siding for. :/ And his voice acting leaves something to be desired; there's no need to YELL when I'm not taking much damage! (I'll take Quinn's "You're stable" emote over Doc's ER style comments any day.)

That's another thing, too... I haven't really been impressed with the female Jedi Knight's voice acting so far. Maybe I'm just biased by the female Sith Warrior's imperious British accent, but the Knight's acting is kind of blah in places... Oh, well. (At least I really like playing her?)

In other news, our router is borked, so we can only plug in one computer into the modem until we can replace it... Lovely.