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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 09:05 pm
Oh good, the due date for the latest FE Contest challenge is up! I actually have the first draft of my Mary Sue 'fic done, but it still needs to be edited... However, I'm really tempted to post it ASAP, if only because I'm somewhat paranoid that someone will post a similar idea. XP

The other reason I'd like to post it early is because I'm worried about some canon details that I've tried to look up, but can't quite find what I need... The only reason I haven't asked anyone about it is because it would spoil the plot of the story; I'd much rather post it up here first, and see if anyone catches something off about it. (BTW, my story is about a FE7 Tactician Sue, hence my worries that someone will write something similar. ;P)

BTW, I'm actually not doing Nano right now, even though I really want to work on my original story idea... I've decided instead to attempt to finish some of the stories in my WiP pile. I was actually pretty good about writing every day until this weekend, when I had to stop due to visiting an out-of-town friend, then I kind of fell off the wagon. :P (Also, I'm still working on the Mary Sue 'fic, so I'm sort of invested in that, ATM...)

Oh, I do have to mention that when I visited said friend this weekend, we went to see the play, "Rock of Ages"; it's basically a musical set to 80's rock music. (In some respects, it reminds me of wayne's World; the main character even sounded like Garth at times, at least at this staging.)

At first, I found it pretty cliche: boy wants to be a rock star; boy meets girl who wants to be an actress; boy is too nice, so girl sleeps with hot rocker; boy sells out, and girl becomes a stripper. :P However, I liked the play a lot better during the second act, where there was a whole lot more fourth wall breaking. XD

BTW, my favourite character (apart from the rocker with the hot bod ;P) was Franz, the gay not gay son of the German businessman. (Hey, I liked his prancing dancing; so sue me.) He also says my favourite line in the play, spoken after a character says what the entire audience has pretty much been thinking during the whole play:

Waitress #1: I thought you were gay!
Franz: I'm not gay, I'm just German!

This was made funnier by the fact that we had been making "I'm not gay, I'm just British" jokes on the drive down. ;) (BTW, Waitress #1 is really the name of the other character; she's actually addressed as such early on. I wasn't kidding about the breaking of the fourth wall in this play. ;)

Overall verdict of "Rock of Ages"? Very cliche, but enjoyable, especially if you like 80's rock music. Lots of of funny moments (and oddly enough, Ho Yay as well ;). And the ending for the main couple isn't quite what you'd expect, but still happy and cliche.

However, if you're offended by a stripperiffic chorus girls and profanity, you might want to give this a pass. (During the intermission, I passed by some older women in the bathroom commenting that they had never seen a play like this before; that sort of made me wince inside.)


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