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2010-09-16 02:28 pm

Thoughts on Prof. Layton 3

I didn't even realize the third game was coming out until a few days ago, but as soon as I knew, I had to have it. :P

I have to admit, the first two puzzles had me stumped this time. >.> But once I noticed the underlying theme behind them (which was the same theme behind most of the puzzles in the game; very fitting), it became easier.

This game was probably easier than the previous Layton games (or perhaps I'm just used to the series); at any rate, it didn't have the same-annoying-puzzle-just-increased-in-difficulty problem that the second game did.

Spoilers for Prof. Layton & the Unwound Future )

So yeah, my love for logic puzzles will be sated for a while, thanks to Prof. Layton. ^_^ (And even though I've finished the game, I still have the bonus puzzles to work through...)

EDIT: In other news, new Edgeworth game coming out, yay... Hey, at least it's another Ace Attorney game. (Also, I want a full shot of that brief glimpse of Edgeworth removing his jacket from the trailer, plz thx... ;P)
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2008-03-11 12:00 pm

Writing woes and gaming updates

Sorry I haven't been around lately... Still can't seem to get myself to write consistantly. :/ Can't even finish that smutty piece that seems to be growing more sequels, WTH? And I just got a couple of Sailor Moon plotbunnies nipping at my heels...

I have been gaming like mad over the past month, though... My WoW guild finally downed Illidan last month, then went ahead and kicked Archimonde's arse, thus completing all the raid content in the game until the Sunwell patch is released. (Game over, insert coin. ;)

I also finished playing Professor Layton for the DS recently; I haven't played a game this late into the night since Phoenix Wright (which I'll get to later ;). Prof. Layton satisfies my inner logic puzzle/mystery-loving fangirl; sure, some of the puzzles are mind-boggling, but that's part of the challenge! And I love the voice acting and FMVs (in a DS game, mind you!) I will definitely be looking forward to the sequel. :D

And as aforementioned, I've also tried out the latest game in the Ace Attorney series, Apollo Justice (the name still makes me laugh XD). I've only finished the first case, though I am looking forward to the next one, if only to see Kyouya/Klavier in action (aka Mr. Rock n' Roll lawyer XD).

Cut for Apollo Justice spoilers... Sort of. )

And I still need to finish playing Trials and Tribulations... Sigh.

In other news? Crunchyroll is made out of win. (Check out their manga section too!)