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2010-11-09 09:05 pm
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Writing progress (and "Rock of Ages")

Oh good, the due date for the latest FE Contest challenge is up! I actually have the first draft of my Mary Sue 'fic done, but it still needs to be edited... However, I'm really tempted to post it ASAP, if only because I'm somewhat paranoid that someone will post a similar idea. XP

The other reason I'd like to post it early is because I'm worried about some canon details that I've tried to look up, but can't quite find what I need... The only reason I haven't asked anyone about it is because it would spoil the plot of the story; I'd much rather post it up here first, and see if anyone catches something off about it. (BTW, my story is about a FE7 Tactician Sue, hence my worries that someone will write something similar. ;P)

BTW, I'm actually not doing Nano right now, even though I really want to work on my original story idea... I've decided instead to attempt to finish some of the stories in my WiP pile. I was actually pretty good about writing every day until this weekend, when I had to stop due to visiting an out-of-town friend, then I kind of fell off the wagon. :P (Also, I'm still working on the Mary Sue 'fic, so I'm sort of invested in that, ATM...)

Oh, I do have to mention that when I visited said friend this weekend, we went to see the play, "Rock of Ages"; it's basically a musical set to 80's rock music. (In some respects, it reminds me of wayne's World; the main character even sounded like Garth at times, at least at this staging.)

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2010-10-10 09:40 pm
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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden, I feel like waxing nostalgic about one of my favourite SNES games while growing up...

When I was younger, I usually just rented games; so for the longest time, I only owned 3 games for the SNES: Super Mario World (came with the system), Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, by Koei. Though the last game might not've been as well known as the others, I played it just as much (if not more!) than the others.

I'm not quite sure what made me buy Uncharted Waters: NH in the first place... The graphics weren't very good even back then, and I recall at least one bad review in a gamer magazine...

But it had PIRATES! And ship-to-ship combat! And sword duels! And hidden treasure! And it was set in the Age of Exploration, when you could still discover new lands, and be rewarded for it! And it was AWESOME.

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On a related topic, I was pleased to find that Uncharted waters: New Horizons has been released as Wii ware. :) I guess it was more popular than I realized...

I do have to mention that I'm also disappointed that the sequels to Uncharted Waters were never released overseas (damn you, Koei!) There's even a Japanese MMO, for goodness sakes... >.<

...I take that back. I just found out that there's an English version of Uncharted Waters Online, now. O_O *stares at the pretty trailer*

To cap this (way too long) post off, here's some of the beautiful music from the Uncharted Waters: New Horizons soundtrack, linked to YouTube. (Composer, Yoko Kanno)

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Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to try and remember what the hell happened to my manual for this game (such lovely concept art in it, too). -_-;
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2009-04-06 11:17 am
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More Rock Band 2

Conventional Lover by Speck has the funniest (if nerdiest) lyrics I've heard in a song; I always burst out laughing when they yell out "Saving throw!" (which can be distracting if I'm trying to drum ;). Also, the irony of a song that mentions gaming in a video game isn't lost on me... XD

I also got my Ultimate Goth outfit this weekend, despite my occasional abyssmal drumming during the Impossible Challenge (thank goodness for the rest of my band! <3). We also unlocked the Ultimate Metal Outfit (which on a woman, is a live snake covering her boobs, LOL.) Unfortunately, our hands also hurt like hell now... ;P
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2006-02-03 01:58 pm
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*dies laughing*

While I was up visiting my parents in Canada, an good friend introduced me and my sweetie to the wonders of the "Avenue Q" soundtrack - Yes, I'm out of touch. (And here I always thought "The Internet is for Porn" was a statement of fact, not an actual quote from somewhere. XD)

Anyhoo, my sweetie ordered the CD, which I'm listening to now... Oh god, is it brilliant! And catchy - I suspect I'll be singing inappropriate lyrics for quite a while.

This pointless post has been brought to you by the letter Q.
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2005-04-04 03:16 pm
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"Sing for your friends" meme

Yeah, I finally got around to posting this: Don't listen too hard... (You might have to right-click to download; Geocities is weird like that.)

Song is the English version of the second opening theme from the second season of Magic Knight Rayearth; I got a little nervous while recording this for the first time, and that version was still better than all the subsequent attempts. ^_^;
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2005-03-16 12:56 pm

NO. Bad brain!

I will NOT write a song parody of Gilbert & Sullivan's "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General" with Roy Mustang singing the lyrics... No matter how great the temptation is.

But... The image of him singing this song is so strong in my head right now; along with the other soldiers singing back up (and Riza's look of exasperation in the background)... XD


*wanders off to look up lyrics*
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2005-02-26 12:36 pm
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Anime FMV music choices

I've been listening to my 80's compilation music CDs lately, when these ideas for music that I'd want to set to clips of certain anime popped in my head... Because of that, most of the musical choices are from the 80's (with the exception of the first song), and might not be readily recognizable to all of you. ^_^;

Some of these song choices are painfully obvious though, and probably have been done before... (Although some of these ideas just stem from my weird sense of humour. ^_~)

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