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2015-04-17 05:40 pm

Kill la Kill: "What I Did on my Week Off"

Here's yet another Kill la Kill fanfic featuring the Elite Four; it basically mentions what happens to each of them during Naturals Election week.

(It's funny... There's a couple of throwaway references in this story, that I'm now considering writing... Have the titles and OC names ready; just need to think up some good fight scenes. ;P)

Kill la Kill: What I Did on my Week Off )
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2015-04-12 02:12 am

Kill la Kill: "Hot Under the Collar"

So apparently, I get really productive writing-wise when my hubby's out of town. XP

Yup, it's another Kill la Kill fic, this time featuring the Elite Four (but focusing on Inumuta of course; obsessing much, self? XP)

But I really do like the Elite Four as a collective; heck, I love all of Satsuki's followers. There's something endearing about their unwavering loyalty to their lady. <3

Kill la Kill: Hot Under the Collar )
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2015-04-09 10:50 pm

Kill la Kill: "Driven to Distraction"

So I haven't written anything in a couple of years, yet this week I ended up writing two fics... Go figure. XD I suppose that's what happens when inspiration hits.

Anyways, here's another Kill la Kill fanfic, also featuring Inumuta/Iori... Clearly, this pairing is growing on me. (I suppose it's because you rarely see two nerdy characters in one pairing; there's usually some more contrast.)

Oddly enough, the inspiration for this story came from a kink meme prompt. ;P (Which shouldn't be a surprise, considering how many kink prompts I've filled in the past...) And like most of my kink fills, it's a bit on the racy and silly side, without being outright smut.

BTW, this story has spoilers for episode 19.

Kill la Kill: Driven to Distraction )
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2015-04-09 10:25 pm

Kill la Kill: "Indirectly"

Boy, it's been forever since I've posted in here... But I have nowhere else to put this, LOL.

Been watching Kill la Kill lately. It was recommended by a friend, and I ended up marathoning it. I also love the dub, which one of the best I've ever seen. :)

Anyways, here's my first Kill la Kill fanfic, featuring Inumuta/Iori... Because two megane are better than one. 8) 8) (The concept is a typical anime/manga trope, but I just had to write it anyways.)

This is also the first time I've written most of a story on a tablet (which is why it might be rough around the edges).

Kill la Kill: Indirectly )
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2012-11-11 07:14 pm
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Fire Emblem 8: "Provincial Life"

I whipped this up for the FE Contest theme of "Town Life". Surprise, surprise: it's a Lute and Artur piece... Inspired by the lyrics of Belle's song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, hence the title. (Stop looking at me like that!)

I had to pare off 50 words or so to fit the word count, bleah...

'There must be more than this provincial life...' )
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2012-07-11 05:40 pm
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SWTOR screenshots

Had to switch servers in SWTOR, so I decided to take a few screenshots of my old server before I left for good. But first, let me introduce you to my ladies of ToR...

Empire: Pirotess, Carlyle, Saffir, Dimand
Republic: Jadaar, Jehanna, Asric, Ismaire

My SWTOR characters )

SWTOR screenshots - Warning: Large images ahead )
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2012-06-18 05:32 pm
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Batman: "Boredom" (+ coloured sketch)

This is what happens when you play too much Arkham City and have a thing for nerdy characters in general... (It's inspired by the idea that the only thing worse than dealing with an Insufferable Genius, is dealing with a bored one.)

This is pretty short and silly, like most of the stuff I write. (It also has a pair of OCs in it, but I do have an explanation for that...)

Working for the Riddler might be less dangerous than working for some of Gotham's other villains, but it has its disadvantages, as well. )

And here's the badly coloured sketch that inspired the piece:

The Riddler, Mystery & Misnomer )
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2012-05-20 10:10 am
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"Brainy is the new sexy."

I've always had a thing for super-intelligent characters, but that's been hammered home to me with stuff I've been watching and playing lately. (Although, my penchant for the manipulative/magnificent bastard sometimes associated with this character type seems to be new...)

Cases in point...

Malavai Quinn, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" (video game) - I've gone on enough about how much I like this character, so I'll try to sum it up... Cold and calculating, tactically brilliant, and devious in a way that an Imperial military officer has to be in order to survive and rise up in the ranks... Despite all his flaws, I still adore him. (Doesn't hurt that I find him attractive in other ways, as well.)

And I can't resist linking to a video of the Sith Warrior's first meeting of him in-game. (Sadly, it only took this one meeting for me to want him on my ship...)

Sherlock Holmes, "Sherlock" (TV series) - I just watched the new BBC version of Sherlock Holmes (all six episodes of them), and was instantly hooked. Having read the original stories recently (thanks to the Detective Conan anime), I was impressed how close to the source material the new show is, despite being set in the modern day.

The very first episode in particular had me fangirling in delight. (Substituting a cell phone for Watson's pocket watch? Brilliant!) I never realized I was such a fangirl until I found myself comparing all the parallels between the first episode and the original "A Study in Scarlet".

Onto the title character... I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Holmes. He even gets the mannerisms right; the thoughtful posture with his hands held up in front of his face, or sitting in the armchair with his legs drawn up, are straight from his books. And he has similar flaws and vices to his book counterpart: he's trying give up smoking (badly), is implied to keep recreational drugs around (oops), and gets extremely ansty if he's not trying to solve some complex crime.

He's brilliant, but an utter bastard, and I love it. (It also doesn't hurt that his actor looks the part, and is hot to boot: tall, thin, pale, dark wavy hair, and pale blue eyes. Rawr.)

BTW, the quote from above is from this show, and is spoken by Irene Adler, of Sherlock. (In the books, she's Holmes' female rival; she's a bit... different in this version, but has a similar role.)

The Riddler, "Arkham City" (video game) - Only started to play this game recently (okay, I watch others play it, but I do try to help solve the puzzles). The rogues gallery of Batman villains featured in this game is impressive, but there's one in particular that steals the show; so much so that you find you find yourself trying to find Riddler secrets rather than actually trying to save Gotham itself...

Riddle me this, Batman... )

Now, unlike my two other examples above, it's not the Riddler's looks that get me (although I really like the outfit he wears in this game); it's just his mind... That brilliant, psychotic mind. (Gah, I do find that worrying...)
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2012-03-15 05:18 pm
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SWTOR gameplay, companions (Republic side)

Yep, still obsessing over SWTOR. I need to find a blog on it or something...

Anyways, started playing Republic side for a change of pace, and the first character I decided to try is a Smuggler Cyborg named Jehanna. (Yes, she's named after the country in FE8. Her character is very much like Joshua's however, since that's who my smuggler was originally going to be named after.)

Anyways, I love everything about my smuggler. I love that I could obsess over my ship at the beginning of her storyline... I love that she tosses a coin and shoots it to regen health, that she twirls her guns when buffing people, that she gets to be snarky as hell... The only thing I don't like, ironically, is the gameplay itself. ;P The cover mechanic can be buggy at times, and I'm horrible at kiting stuff when things go bad. She's gotten better as I've gone up in level, but yeah... Not my favourite class in terms of gameplay.

Smuggler companions, romance )

As for my next Republic character... I liked playing my Sith Warrior so much, I decided to make a Jedi Knight my next one to level; my Knight is a blue Twi'lek named Jadaar. (Named after the draenei from WoW, but female instead of male.)

I had heard the that Jedi Knight storyline was one of the best in-game, though I haven't been overly impressed so far... (Mind you, the Sith Warrior one took a while to get going too, and the end of the Jedi Knight one promises to be epic.) I did like all the parts involving my padawan though, that was interesting. So far, I find that I'm having the reverse reaction that I did with the Smuggler; love playing the class, blah on everything else.

Jedi Knight companions, romance )

That's another thing, too... I haven't really been impressed with the female Jedi Knight's voice acting so far. Maybe I'm just biased by the female Sith Warrior's imperious British accent, but the Knight's acting is kind of blah in places... Oh, well. (At least I really like playing her?)

In other news, our router is borked, so we can only plug in one computer into the modem until we can replace it... Lovely.
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2012-02-22 05:02 pm
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Thoughts on SWTOR's Malavai Quinn

Writing down some story ideas before I forget.. Yeah, still obsessing over Quinn. ;P

Divided Loyalties - From the PoV of Darth Baras, when he first takes Quinn under his wing and onwards.

For the Empire (working title) - Basically Quinn's life story, from his point of view.

And I'm trying to resist wanting to write a yaoi fic about Quinn and a Dark Side male Sith Warrior... Damn my fangirlish tendencies...

My personal head canon for Quinn )

I'm still trying to pin down what's so alluring about Quinn. The fandom seems to be divided between adoring him (fangirls in general) and despising him (for the BIG SPOILER). I certainly wanted to get my hands on him when I first met him in Balmorra ;P (despite the fact that he was actually being pretty ruthless at the time). Granted, he is pretty, but I actually find Corso Riggs (Smuggler companion) more physically attractive, IMO.

It probably really is the whole package - Looks, voice, personality - that's so appealing about him. (He's kind of got the sexy butler thing going for him, what with the accent, uniform and generally good-at-everything-he-does vibe.)

Some minor notes on Quinn )

Oh, and I do have to link to this post, which has a transcription and an MP3 of a pretty priceless in-game convo with Quinn. (When I did this convo, I think I got about 2 or 3 flirts in before I let the poor guy off the hook. XD) Quinn's definitely my pick for #1 favourite Bioware male romantic interest off all time, despite his faults (yes, even over Zevran ;).

(Weird aside: I usually take an interest in voice actors for characters I like, and when I checked Quinn's, I noticed he was in an Agatha Christie movie I had seen recently, "Five Little Pigs". So naturally, I had to break out said movie again to see if I could figure out who he was by the voice. :P Ironically enough, he had no speaking role, but was only mentioned in passing... As a butler who "bats for the other team". *snerk*)
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2012-01-31 02:52 pm
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SWTOR Sith Warrior questline

Ugh, that was painful... But in a good way. I haven't been that emotionally involved in a game in a long time...

So yeah, got to the part of my class quest that I had been both dreading and looking forward to. (Ran into a spoiler so I was expecting it; didn't make it suck any less though.) Was half expecting myself to yell out a Vader-esque NOOOOOOOO after it happened, but it just left me emotionally drained.

Big Spoiler for the Sith Warrior questline )

Of course, right after this happened, I did one of Vette's companion quests, which was another emotional kicker. Gah. (I love you Bioware, but you do like to toy with my heart...)
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2012-01-24 03:50 pm
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SWTOR gameplay, companions

Really enjoying playing SWTOR at the moment. :D The SO convinced a bunch of WoW guildies and RL friends to join us, and we managed to get our guild imported to the Mind Trick server. (The funny part is, most of the servers seem to be named after names and places in Star Wars, yet we end up on the one named after the Jedi mind trick...)

Anyways, most of us ended up playing the Empire side, and my first character was a Cyborg Bounty Hunter, Carlyle. (Yes, named after FE8's Carlyle, except she's female. All my characters are girls this time around, because I was much more interested in the female love interests and wasn't going to bet on same sex replationships eventually showing up in Bioware's first MMO. :/)

I'm also playing all my characters Light side; even if you play the Empire side, it doesn't detract from your gameplay. (It just means that my Bounty Hunter freezes a lot of people in carbonite. XD Although sometimes, you run into people you really want to kill and can't unless you want to accrue Dark side points...) Oh, and my favorite Bounty Hunter ability by far is Death from Above; so appropriately named. <3

Bounty Hunter companions )

Onto my second character, a Zabrak Sith Warrior, Pirotess. (Zabrak is the same race that Darth Maul is.) I really wasn't very excited about about playing this character at first - I almost never play melee characters in WoW, and I'd much prefer playing casters or ranged, but since my SO was playing a Sith Inquistor (as does everybody else, LOL), I thought levelling with him as a Warrior would make things much easier.

Sith Warrior companion(s?) )
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2011-12-13 06:28 pm
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SWTOR silliness

So I was looking up info on Star Wars: The Old Republic... Specifically, potential romances. (Yes, I know I'm a dork, but the characters I create will be dependent on the virtual ass I get to tap which companions I'll be interested in romancing.) Looks like I'll be playing a lot of female characters for a change, heh.

Anyways... I was looking through the list of romance-able companions (which incidently, also have a list of their voice actors), when a particular name caught my eye... Specifically, the VA for Torian Cadera, a potential romance for a female Bounty Hunter.

Torian's VA? Johnny Yong Bosch. (AKA the voice of numerous English dubbed anime heroes, but most notably, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.)

...So basically, I get a chance to romance Ichigo. Excuse me for a moment...


I'm sorry, I just find that hysterical for some reason. XD (His SWTOR character even has orange hair, LOL!)
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2011-12-13 09:18 am
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Characterization in recent cartoons

I'm bored and haven't updated in a while, so I decided to post a few thoughts on random cartoons. As you might've noticed, I have a soft spot for all animation, whether it be anime, CGI, or just cartoons in general... (Be forewarned, I do get rather ranty in these.)

Rivalries in Pokemon Black & White )

Women in G.I. Joes: Renegades )

( My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic )

I have to admit it, I watched the new MLP to see what the fuss was a all about. Of course, the first episode I watched had ponies having slumber parties and makeovers, which was enough to make me want to change the channel after 30 seconds. ;P

But I gave it a second chance, and I must say, it is a refreshing change to see female cartoon characters who are female AND characters. (My favourite ponies? Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy. ;D) Oh, and Twilight Sparkle reminds me a bit of FE8's Lute...
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2011-12-01 12:45 pm

Rare Hunting, Part Deux

So... In the span of about an hour, my hunter managed to capture Karoma the ghost wolf, Sambas (a beautiful golden lion model), and Ghostcrawler, the spectral crab (yeah, named after the GM, LOL). The WoW gods must be smiling upon me today. O_o

The funny part is, I was just doing archeology on my DK in Twilight Highlands, when I came across Karoma; so I immediately hustled my hunter over there to tame it. Then I decided, what the heck, I'll check for Sambas... And he was there too. Then I thought, "I'll push my luck; I'll go look for Ghostcrawler in the Abyssal Depths!" And lo and behold... (Macro spamming FTW! ;P)

I have way too many spirit beasts now, heh. Also, Sambas is no longer neutral, and affectionately tried to claw my eyes out when I got too close to tame it. Aw... Ghostcrawler also kicked my newly lvl 85 to half health before he got tamed (Nerfbat indeed!)
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2011-11-19 02:00 pm

Of Hunters and Farmers

Been playing my hunter in WoW lately... Specifically, I've been Rare Hunting (i.e. tracking down some of the more exotic-looking animals, and taming them as pets).

Avi's adventures in Rare Hunting )

In other news... Dear whoever owns the farm field directly behind my house,

Please do something about the corn husks still in your field. Every few days or so, the wind picks them up and blows them all over our front yard, half-burying part of my rose garden in corn husks. Trying to pick up and untangle corn husks from thorny bushes = NOT FUN.

Normally I don't mind living behind a farm field, but this is getting irritating. (I wonder if we're getting karma for being the only house on our block without trees on our front yard...) Thank goodness for crop rotation, is all I can say; at least I know corn won't be planted there next year. :P
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2011-10-07 10:08 pm

World of Warcraft: "Tubthumping"

Whew, finally finished this one. This turned out way longer than I expected, for something so silly. (26 kB? What the...)

Anyways, this is another WoW 'fic, with Jadaar and Asric. It's not actually slash, but there's definitely innuendo and lots of gratuitous male nudity involved. ;P

Oh, and there's fighting; both of the arguing and physical type. (But considering the two characters that are involved, that's not exactly surprising.)

World of Warcraft: Tubthumping )
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2011-10-03 08:58 pm

World of Warcraft: "Threads of Fate"

Yep, I finished two stories in one day. Who'd have thunk it? This one also has some slashy overtones, so be warned.

Like my other WoW 'fics (okay, so there's just one other completed one), this one is about Jadaar and Asric, my favourite crossfaction pairing. ;P This is kind of my take on how they ended up together.

World of Warcraft: Threads of Fate )
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2011-10-03 08:56 pm
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Ace Attorney: "On the Bench"

Yep, I wrote an Ace Attorney 'fic. Granted, it's a very short, silly (and slightly dirty) one... (And I'm somewhat embarassed that this ended up being my first completed AA 'fic. ;P)

Anyways, it's a got little Phoenix/Edgeworth, if you care for the pairing. And the Judge too, since the story actually takes place in court.

Ace Attorney: On the Bench )
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2011-09-15 02:54 pm
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Fire Emblem: "Bella Donna"

Here's a story I had almost forgotten about until recently... It was inspired by a discussion on [livejournal.com profile] mark_asphodel's journal from a while back, about the lack of poison-related plots in FE 'fics.

My idea ended up being a FE7 story involving Priscilla, with a little bit of Lucius as well. (I'm sure you can see where this is going...)

In other news, I really wish I could've come up with something for the Crack Pairings challenge... *sigh*

Fire Emblem: Bella Donna )