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January 24th, 2012

aviatrix: (Default)
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 03:50 pm
Really enjoying playing SWTOR at the moment. :D The SO convinced a bunch of WoW guildies and RL friends to join us, and we managed to get our guild imported to the Mind Trick server. (The funny part is, most of the servers seem to be named after names and places in Star Wars, yet we end up on the one named after the Jedi mind trick...)

Anyways, most of us ended up playing the Empire side, and my first character was a Cyborg Bounty Hunter, Carlyle. (Yes, named after FE8's Carlyle, except she's female. All my characters are girls this time around, because I was much more interested in the female love interests and wasn't going to bet on same sex replationships eventually showing up in Bioware's first MMO. :/)

I'm also playing all my characters Light side; even if you play the Empire side, it doesn't detract from your gameplay. (It just means that my Bounty Hunter freezes a lot of people in carbonite. XD Although sometimes, you run into people you really want to kill and can't unless you want to accrue Dark side points...) Oh, and my favorite Bounty Hunter ability by far is Death from Above; so appropriately named. <3

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Onto my second character, a Zabrak Sith Warrior, Pirotess. (Zabrak is the same race that Darth Maul is.) I really wasn't very excited about about playing this character at first - I almost never play melee characters in WoW, and I'd much prefer playing casters or ranged, but since my SO was playing a Sith Inquistor (as does everybody else, LOL), I thought levelling with him as a Warrior would make things much easier.

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