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Sunday, November 11th, 2012 07:14 pm
I whipped this up for the FE Contest theme of "Town Life". Surprise, surprise: it's a Lute and Artur piece... Inspired by the lyrics of Belle's song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, hence the title. (Stop looking at me like that!)

I had to pare off 50 words or so to fit the word count, bleah...

It was a small town, like any other town that she and Artur might pass through during their travels... Or so Lute thought.

"This place..." said Artur suddenly. "Doesn't it remind you of our old village?"

"I suppose," she replied, eyeing the thatched cottages thoughtfully. "Well, to be honest, it looks like every other village around here."

"But smell that air!" protested Artur. "The scent of baking bread... It's exactly like the loaves from our hometown!"

Lute sniffed the air. "I suppose it is similar," she agreed.

They paused briefly to buy a couple of fresh loaves from a nearby cart, then continued on their way.

As they walked, Lute bit into her small loaf. She had to admit, it did taste like the ones from their village.

"Don't you miss it sometimes, Lute?" asked Artur wistfully. "Our hometown, I mean."

"Not really."

"Really? Why not?"

Lute shrugged. "I find travel much more interesting. New places to see, things to discover, monsters to kill..."

"Fighting for our lives," added Artur, with a shiver.

"But that's far more fascinating than our little hometown," said Lute. "Though I must admit, I do sometimes miss the library at the academy..."

Artur chuckled. "You did spend an awful lot of time there."

"I learned much from perusing those books. Besides, I felt far more comfortable at the library than in town."

Artur shifted uneasily. True, Lute had never really fit in with the other villagers, but she never seemed to care what others thought of her... Or so Artur thought.

"You must have some fond memories of our hometown..." he hazarded.

Lute raised an eyebrow. "Surely not all your memories of our village are pleasant either, Artur? Do you recall the town bully?"

"The hunter's son?" Artur shivered. "I remember him well..."

"Well, I remember when he shoved you in the mud and ruined your best clerical robes. You were trying not to cry in front of me, but I saw the tears in your eyes."

Artur blushed. "That's true... But I always thought that he did that because he was trying to impress you."

"If he was trying to impress me, he was going about it the wrong way."

"To be honest, I think he was rather sweet on you... Until you put those red ants in his boots."

"It was a scientific experiment," said Lute primly. "Also, he shouldn't have pushed you in the mud."

Artur tried not to laugh.

"I suppose life back home seems far more mudane than it is right now," he admitted. "But life could never be boring while you're around, Lute."

"That is true," replied Lute.

She glanced at Artur. There was something about his smile that made her want to... Break into song?

Artur turned to stare at Lute. "Are you... Humming?"

"I'm sorry. Would you like me to burst into song instead?"

Artur looked taken aback. "No, that's quite all right. We might disturb the villagers."

"Oh, they won't bother me."

The villagers might not have had to listen to Lute's singing, but they did wonder about the monk's red face as he left town, as Artur held back his laughter.


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