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March 15th, 2012

aviatrix: (Default)
Thursday, March 15th, 2012 05:18 pm
Yep, still obsessing over SWTOR. I need to find a blog on it or something...

Anyways, started playing Republic side for a change of pace, and the first character I decided to try is a Smuggler Cyborg named Jehanna. (Yes, she's named after the country in FE8. Her character is very much like Joshua's however, since that's who my smuggler was originally going to be named after.)

Anyways, I love everything about my smuggler. I love that I could obsess over my ship at the beginning of her storyline... I love that she tosses a coin and shoots it to regen health, that she twirls her guns when buffing people, that she gets to be snarky as hell... The only thing I don't like, ironically, is the gameplay itself. ;P The cover mechanic can be buggy at times, and I'm horrible at kiting stuff when things go bad. She's gotten better as I've gone up in level, but yeah... Not my favourite class in terms of gameplay.

Smuggler companions, romance )

As for my next Republic character... I liked playing my Sith Warrior so much, I decided to make a Jedi Knight my next one to level; my Knight is a blue Twi'lek named Jadaar. (Named after the draenei from WoW, but female instead of male.)

I had heard the that Jedi Knight storyline was one of the best in-game, though I haven't been overly impressed so far... (Mind you, the Sith Warrior one took a while to get going too, and the end of the Jedi Knight one promises to be epic.) I did like all the parts involving my padawan though, that was interesting. So far, I find that I'm having the reverse reaction that I did with the Smuggler; love playing the class, blah on everything else.

Jedi Knight companions, romance )

That's another thing, too... I haven't really been impressed with the female Jedi Knight's voice acting so far. Maybe I'm just biased by the female Sith Warrior's imperious British accent, but the Knight's acting is kind of blah in places... Oh, well. (At least I really like playing her?)

In other news, our router is borked, so we can only plug in one computer into the modem until we can replace it... Lovely.