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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 05:02 pm
Writing down some story ideas before I forget.. Yeah, still obsessing over Quinn. ;P

Divided Loyalties - From the PoV of Darth Baras, when he first takes Quinn under his wing and onwards.

For the Empire (working title) - Basically Quinn's life story, from his point of view.

And I'm trying to resist wanting to write a yaoi fic about Quinn and a Dark Side male Sith Warrior... Damn my fangirlish tendencies...

My personal head canon for Quinn:

- Probably from a wealthy family (One of his companion gift faves is Luxury)
- Only child (The way Vette's teasing gets under his skin seems to point to this XD)
- Child of a loveless marriage? (Or at least, a marriage of convenience; Quinn's emotional distancing and some of his relationship convos point towards this)
- Father was a patriot (Might explains Quinn's own loyalty to the Empire)
- Father was an Imperial Officer (Might explain Quinn's hypercompetence in everything he does, as an Imperial Officer himself)
- Father wanted a Force sensitive child (Explains Quinn's fascination with Sith)
- Probably got seduced by an older woman in his teens (He's too pretty not to get targetted at some point :P And it would explain his professional attitude regarding women)

BTW, if you play a male Sith Warrior and don't flirt when you get the option to, supposedly Quinn will shoot the girl down himself, if you have him with you. XD

I'm still trying to pin down what's so alluring about Quinn. The fandom seems to be divided between adoring him (fangirls in general) and despising him (for the BIG SPOILER). I certainly wanted to get my hands on him when I first met him in Balmorra ;P (despite the fact that he was actually being pretty ruthless at the time). Granted, he is pretty, but I actually find Corso Riggs (Smuggler companion) more physically attractive, IMO.

It probably really is the whole package - Looks, voice, personality - that's so appealing about him. (He's kind of got the sexy butler thing going for him, what with the accent, uniform and generally good-at-everything-he-does vibe.)

Crowning Moment of Awesome - First on Balmorra, then on Taris, where he bails you out of what could be two unmitigated disasters... And gets to snark in the face of his enemies to boot.

Crowning Moment of Suck - The BIG SPOILER, obviously. (And this is more LOLworthy rather than sucky, but when Quinn proclaims "I am going to kiss you now" during his romance. XD Though that could be chalked up to awkward writing...)

Oh, and I do have to link to this post, which has a transcription and an MP3 of a pretty priceless in-game convo with Quinn. (When I did this convo, I think I got about 2 or 3 flirts in before I let the poor guy off the hook. XD) Quinn's definitely my pick for #1 favourite Bioware male romantic interest off all time, despite his faults (yes, even over Zevran ;).

(Weird aside: I usually take an interest in voice actors for characters I like, and when I checked Quinn's, I noticed he was in an Agatha Christie movie I had seen recently, "Five Little Pigs". So naturally, I had to break out said movie again to see if I could figure out who he was by the voice. :P Ironically enough, he had no speaking role, but was only mentioned in passing... As a butler who "bats for the other team". *snerk*)


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